Balance The Bell - Track Your States Unique Combinations (Printable PDF)

Renee Conway-Grotefend
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I have organized the 220 Unique Single and Double Combinations by their Low, Medium and High SUMs ready for Printing over and over again.


  • Print 1 document for the Midday Game and one for the Evening game, and then from the
  • date of your starting, back track the last 90 days of draws by highlighting them with a color of your choice. This will help you to see what combinations are due to show. Note: Its common in a years time that roughly 60 of these combinations won't show up, with some repeating two or three or even four times. It's when these numbers repeat that you may want
  • to use another color or an indicator like an X or dot to show the number has come in again over that time period. Note: Different States somehow have different combinations that like to repeat themselves before others show up for the first time. However, the combinations that are drawn will keep a balance across the page.

If you want a new way to play the Pick 3 Draw Game this could be a fun way to do it. You can play the numbers any way you like. But keep in mind BOX HITS are easier to get, and allows you to play a wider range of combinations.

I want this!

A printable 1 page PDF of all 220 Unique Single and Double Combinations organized for Play.

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